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Name NPCs Scenes DSS Support [1] Requirements Repeatable Location
Caged Corrupted Caged Corrupted Blowjob No Cock (Average) Yes (View)
An Itch Taur An Itch No Cock (Average) Yes (View)
Dragon Ancient Dragon Dragon No Quest progression Winter Winds
Cock (Equine)
Yes (View)
Footsteps of the Dragon Ahmes Sweet Talker
No Quest progression for Sweet Talker
Quest completion for Domination
Details: Footsteps of the Dragon
Yes[2] (View)
Glory of the Gods Rasha Reward No Quest completion: Glory of the Gods
Cock (Equine)
Yes (View)
Guard Bribe Anubite Guard A "Bribe" Yes None Yes (View)
Guard Bribe: Standing Behind Sketchy Draconid A "Bribe" Yes Male Form Yes (View)
Guard Duty Horny Guard Cunnilingus No None Yes (View)
Intimate Draconid Nitocris Missionary No Cock (Average) Yes (View)
Snake Charmer Toses Cock (Average)
Cock (Large)
Unsavory Wretch
No Quest progression: Snake Charmer
Cock (any)
Yes[3] (View)
Prideful Centaur Nessos Breeding No Quest progression: Ride the Pony Yes [4] (View)
Primal Tentacles Primal Goo Girl Primal Tentacles No Mysterious Urn
150 Gold
No[5] (View)
Secret Admirer Mehlva Gift No Quest completion: Secret Admirer (see conditions) Yes (View)
Valuable Load Shadya Cock (Average)
Cock (Large)
No Cock (any) Yes (View)
Stockades Slave Master Tuvan Female Scene
Male Scene
No Cock (Equine) Yes (View)
Slime In A Jar Slime in a Jar Cock (Average)
Cock (Large)
No Fail the QTE Yes[6] (View)
Temple Felines Temple Felines Cunnilingus
Table Sex
Cock (Average)
Cock (Large)
No Gold (various Amounts) Yes (View)
Void Orgy Void Spirit Floating Orgy No Quest progression: Tales of the Void Yes (View)
Wet For Fur Nofre Scissoring No Vagina Yes (View)
With Bells On Dhasha Ritual No Quest progression: With Bells On No (View)


Name Requirements
Top Female
Bottom Male/Futa


Name Requirements
Top Male/Futa
Bottom Female

Twisted Missionary[edit]

Name Requirements
Top Female
Bottom Female

Standing Lift[edit]

Name Requirements
Top Female/Futa
Bottom Futa


  1. As of Version 0.3.31, a Dynamic Sex System (DSS) was introduced which introduces interactivity to the scenes. All current and future scenes will be ported to this system, this will happen gradually. Until the scene(s) are replaced the old cutscene method is still available.
  2. Both of her scenes are repeatable wherever she is, inside the player camp or not.
  3. Repeat visits to Toses don't cost gold.
  4. Repeat visits to Nessos don't cost gold.
  5. The Mysterious Urn is lost upon use and doesn't respawn.
  6. As long as the Mysterious Urn isn't looted you can approach the enemy and repeat the scenes.
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