From Carnal Instinct

The current Roadmap can be found here on Google Docs.

A few notes from the developers (source from Discord):

  • Some things, such as specific implementation order of exotic NPCs or player forms will be open to votes down the line (i.e. they can potentially be swapped with the position of another exotic NPC on the timeline) and it's important to remember that anything too spoilery isn't listed at all (nor are currently in-development features that will be added gradually like sailing and stealth).
  • We're gearing up to move as swiftly as possible to alpha and get the game to a near "feature complete" state within 12 months. This does mean that things may occasionally swap places on the roadmap. This is a LIVE development map and is intended to give the greatest level of transparency possible to the community.
  • Thank you so much for your support, these are exciting times and we're eager put these major improvements and expansions in your hands as soon as possible!
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