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Quests are sorted by category, namely Main Quests which drive the story and Side Quests which explore different aspects of life in Sabu and the world of Carnal Instinct. Some main or side-quests might have prerequisites before they become available - they are listed individually on the quest page.

Early Game Tips[edit]

  • If combat is too difficult it can be changed in the gameplay options. See the Difficulty page for details.
  • Getting a Bone Khopesh from any of the roaming Bloodseekers makes early encounters much easier since it has more than triple the damage of the starting weapon.
  • Investing your starting gold into Cooked Food from Epaphos which is slightly cheaper than Potions can be beneficial early game. Food is less practical in direct confrontations since it regenerates health over time instead of the rapid regeneration of potions but helps during traveling or exploration.

Main Quests[edit]

Type Name Brief
Ui icon quest 01.png Welcome to Sabu I have been delivered to Sabu a slave, though my captor seems to care little that I may try to flee. She seems to be the reason I was brought here in the first place.
Ui icon quest 01.png Footsteps of the Dragon Ahmes is retracing the footsteps of the Bast's followers, searching for a rare 'Ritual Vessel' thought lost beneath the sands. The item may unlock the secret to becoming a Draconid, a scaled humanoid that represents the first step in ascension to becoming a Dragon Demigod.
Ui icon quest 01.png Milk and Honey I need to travel to the Shrine of Anubis to follow the path of the Jackal.
Ui icon quest 01.png Diamond in the Rough The Priestess Attendant, Nepthys, has requested that a ritual vessel be recovered from the Tomb of the Ascended.
Ui icon quest 01.png Law and Order The Watch have asked me to search for a thief that's been plaguing the docks. I should ask around to try and track the thief down before confronting anyone. The various tradespeople are a good bet, one of them must have seen something.
Ui icon quest 01.png Winter Winds Ranno of the Merchant's Guild has tasked me with locating his missing shipment. I'm not certain what I'm searching for but apparently I'll know when I lay eyes on it.
Ui icon quest 01.png Blood Script While passing through the farmland I have discovered a dead body, this appears to be mutilated and villagers are gathered in the area. I should probably investigate...
Ui icon quest 01.png Liquid Gold I came across a guard captain Medjai who was being attacked by bandits. After saving him, he told me that one of his guards from Wayfarer's Respite has gone missing, a centaur named Amycus. I agreed to help search for the missing guard and rescue him if possible. Perhaps I should ask Medjai if the knows where I should start looking.

Side Quests[edit]

Type Name Brief
Ui icon quest 02.png Glory of the Gods Investigate the Mysterious Shrine and discover the secrets of the Gods.
Ui icon quest 02.png No Rest for the Wicked Mesahtnofret the Scribe asked for your help to save the Village of Kusma from Kethra's Curse.
Ui icon quest 02.png Ride the Pony Nessos is a stubborn brute, you'll have to outsmart him if you want to... ride the pony.
Ui icon quest 02.png Secret Admirer Havar from South of the docks is looking for a Mate, and he only has eyes for Mehlva
Ui icon quest 02.png Snake Charmer Djeda's Naga, Toses is in heat, let's see if she needs help fertilizing her eggs.
Ui icon quest 02.png Tales of the Void Khaba has told me of ruins that supposedly house a gateway between this world and The Void. Laughed off as a children's story by Esi, perhaps this place really is a door to a place beyond reality.
Ui icon quest 02.png With Bells On Dhasha seeks to unlock the mysterious keystone with an ancient ritual.
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